About Us

About Us

My husband and I had our first child in 2020. Like any other new parents, we went through a massive learning curve to learn how to look after a newborn. We did lots of research into the various aspects of caring for a newborn and young baby. From reading about labour, to learning about solid foods and teething.

One area of particular interest to us was nappies! We were interested in looking at reusable options, but at first glance the prospect seemed daunting. My husband originally said no to reusable cloth nappies, thinking of the traditional cloth tied up with a safety pin! He is now a complete convert  and our baby also loves her reusable cloth nappies!

When learning about reusable nappies, we came across many sources of information online. Lots of reading and nappy trials led us to embrace cloth nappies. We wanted to help other parents consider reusable nappies as an option and know where to begin. Little Green Cub was born.

Little Green Cub is a family business run from our home in Dublin. Our initial focus is on reusable cloth nappies. We want to share our journey and help other parents who are interested in trying out cloth nappies. Since our baby was born, we have tried many different nappy brands, we list those on our website that we trust and recommend.

Not wanting to stop with nappies, our wider product offering focuses on quality and trusted brands. We will continue to add products that we trust and hope that you find something special for your own little cubs.

We are always open to feedback and keen to hear from our customers. If you have any suggestions or comments on our products, please share them with us!

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