What are the benefits of reusable nappies?

Benefits of Reusable Nappies

If you’re considering using reusable nappies on your baby, you’re probably keen to understand what the benefits are. The good news is there are many benefits! We’ve outlined just a few of them below:

Better for your Pocket

Cloth nappies are less expensive than using disposable nappies. While the upfront cost for a full set of reusable nappies can seem a lot, making this investment will actually save you money in the long run! Consider that the average child will need approximately 5,000 nappies until they are toilet trained. Depending on your chosen nappy brand, this is estimated to cost anywhere between €500 to €1,000. A full-time cloth nappy stash can be bought for far less than this! Reusable nappies can also be used on more than one child – making them even more cost effective.

In addition, there’s a very active second-hand market for reusable nappies in Ireland, meaning you can sell your nappies on when you are finished with them and make some of your money back!

Reduce your Family’s Environmental Impact

In Ireland, disposable nappies make up approximately 10% of the household waste going to landfill where they take about 500 years to degrade. Using reusable nappies, whether occasionally, part-time or full-time, will have an immediate impact on this figure and will reduce the volume of nappies going to landfill. Cloth nappies do of course require resources to wash and dry, but there are steps you can take to address your environmental impact – washing on a lower temperature where possible and air-drying as opposed to tumble drying.

Stylish for Baby

Cloth nappies are available in an endless array of colours and patterns. They are beautiful to look at and care for. This is why so many cloth nappy parents describe cloth nappies as addictive! 

Easy to Use

Modern cloth nappies are available in so many different styles. A stuffed pocket nappy really is as easy and straightforward to use for any caregiver new to using cloth nappies. Even styles such as terries which people can feel are more “complex” are very easy to get the hang of once you give it a try.

Better Containment

Cloth nappies can be adapted to give a really good fit whatever baby’s size and they use elastics around the legs and waist. This close fit gives much better containment and fewer leakages than disposables! You’re far less likely to experience an EBF baby “poonami” with reusables!

No Chemicals

We all know disposables are really effective at absorbing liquids, we can’t argue with that! But the reason they are so absorbent is because they contain chemicals that make them effective. These chemicals can be harsh and irritating for baby’s sensitive skin. Cloth nappies are made from soft, comfortable fabrics!



So, if you’re looking to get started with cloth nappies – we’d love to help! Take a look at our full range of cloth nappies here. And don’t hesitate to contact us on hello@littlegreencub.ie if you have any questions or need any support


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