Disana Wool Nappy Cover – Rose Colour


Disana Wool Cover – Rose Colour

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Disana is a German cloth nappy and children’s clothing producer. They are a company whose philosophy is centred around the joy of working with natural fibres – so it is no surprise that their 100% Merino wool covers are one of their most popular products. We are delighted to bring Disana wool covers to you as a breathable, natural option for a nappy covering. Coming in a range of colours, they are luxuriously soft and gentle on babies skin.

How do Woollen Covers Work?

Many people are initially surprised by the fact that woollen covers can be used as a waterproof barrier over your nappy! Lanolin treatment really is the secret. The wool absorbs any leaks from the nappy system you are using (fitted, terries etc.). The moisture absorbed is neutralised by the natural lanolin in wool.  Wool fibres are naturally self-cleaning, so the wool cover is left clean (unless the cover becomes soiled). This is such a great natural nappy cover option!

Product Specifications

  • Waterproof cover for the nappy system (requires treatment with lanolin). Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight without feeling wet
  • Disana wool cover can absorb up to 120 ml of moisture in its fibres and still keeps baby dry
  • 100% wool
  • Made from soft organic merino wool

Care Guide

  • Handwash only (at approximately 30 degrees), do not use tumble dryer
  • Before use, the cover must be washed and treated with lanolin several times (we recommend 3-5 times) to shrink the cover to size and ensure the cover will act as a waterproof layer
  • Regular ongoing treatment with lanolin is necessary for ongoing effectiveness of the cover
Sizing Guide

These wool covers come in the following sizes:

  • X Small – 50/56, 0-3 months
  • Small – 62/68, 3-6 months
  • Medium – 74/80, 6-12 months
  • Large – 86/92, 12-24 months
  • X Large – 98/104, 2-3 years
  • XX Large – 110/116, 3-4 years

Little Green Cub Favicon Why Little Green Cub Recommends 

  • Wool is a breathable natural fabric – particularly good for overnight nappies.
  • Covers just need to be aired between use – no need to wash every time. This makes it a cost-effective and easy option for night-time.
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X Small (50/56, 0-3 months), Small (62/68, 3-6 months), Medium (74/80, 6-12 months), Large (86/92, 12-24 months), X Large (98/104, 2-3 years), XX Large (110//116, 3-4 years)


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