Fluffy Ducks Bamboo Inserts (2 Pack)


Fluffy Ducks Bamboo Inserts – for extra absorbency!

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Fluffy Ducks is a New Zealand based cloth nappy brand, making premium quality nappies in a range of fabulous designs. Fluffy Ducks nappies are trim fitting and use only the best materials, with two pure bamboo inserts included with each nappy.

Product Specifications

  • Set of 2 luxurious bamboo inserts.
  • Each set comes with a larger hourglass insert and the smaller insert to convert as you need.
  • Each insert is 6 layers – total of 12 layers bamboo.
  • These inserts are the perfect addition for your Fluffy Ducks nappy. They can be used as additional inserts to have on hand for when your pocket has dried or to boost for a heavy wetter or for overnight use.

Care Guide

  • Fluffy Ducks recommends soaking your new nappy inserts overnight in cold water to increase absorbency. Change more frequently until maximum absorbency is reached, after around 8 washes.
  • Ongoing Care:
    • Prewash your inserts with your nappies – a short warm rinse cycle with half the detergent recommended to remove heavy soil or excess urine prior to main wash. This allows the main wash to be done in clean water.
    • Main Wash – use the longest cycle on your machine at 40°C – 60°C (MAX 60°C) with the full dose of detergent for a heavily soiled load, do not spin covers over 800RPM, inserts however can be spun at your highest spin (1200RPM).
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners when washing.
Sizing Guide

Fits Fluffy Ducks one-size nappies and can also be used to boost other brands of nappy as needed.

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Fluffy Ducks boosters are soft, durable and super absorbent given they are made from pure bamboo. They are also relatively slimline and won’t add too much bulk to a nappy as a booster. These inserts are a great choice if you need extra absorbency or simply need some extra inserts to speed up your wash routine.

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