Hippynut Pee-Can Big Kids Pull-up – Vinyl Countdown


Hippynut Pee-Can Big Kids Pull-up – Vinyl Countdown pattern

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Hippynut is a family-run company based in the UK. They are passionate about making small changes to benefit our planet, and provide vegan and eco-friendly products with their focus being on cloth nappies. We love Hippynut’s unique and reliable nappies. Hippynut offer an all-in-one, all-in-two and pocket nappy option, as well as pull-up nappies. Each nappy is thoughtfully designed and functions excellently. Their unique prints are based on  their family heritage, culture, love of travel, design, art and food.

About the Pee-Can

The Hippynut Pee-Can Big Kids Pull-up nappy fits children from 55lbs up to 92 lbs (25 to 41kg), and is therefore perfect for children with special needs or those who child who is not dry at night until much older. The versatile pull up design combines the ease of an All-in-two and the benefits of a pocket, using our adaptable snap in insert system to customise absorbency. The nappy is designed to be a 2-in-1 and allows you to play around and choose what works best for you, the absorbent soaker pads can be secured in place using the back popper, either on top of the pocket or inside.

Product Specifications

  • Pocket and AI2 system, with side snaps to fasten.
  • Bamboo soaker pad sewn into the wet zone, which provides a light absorbency for potty training.
  • Comes with a snap-in attachable soaker pad made of 4 layers of Bamboo to catch any accidents.
  • In addition, the pad has a layer of stay-dry fleece to sit next to your little one’s skin.
  • Your child will be able to push them down and pull them up, which will give them independence and help them to feel really grown up!
  • Cover: 100% Polyester.
  • Bamboo Insert: 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton
  • Fleece Lining: 100% Polyester.

Care Guide

  • This nappy needs several washes to reach full absorbency.
  • Washing instructions:
    • Run a cold rinse cycle.
    • Wash at 40°C using non-bio powder. Do not use fabric conditioner.
    • Hippynut do not recommend washing nappies frequently at 60 degrees, to protect the longevity of the PUL and our planet. However, if you feel the need to wash at 60 (i.e. if your baby has been unwell), you should do this on a delicate wash.
    • Air dry if possible, or tumble dry on low when necessary.

Sizing Guide

Fits children from approximately 55lbs – 92lbs (25kg to 41kg).

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  • Provides the ideal solution for bigger children who need an absorbent nappy.
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Small (62-68, 3-6kg), Medium (74-80, 5-10kg), Large (86-92, 9-15kg), X Large (98-104, 14kg+)


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