Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Nappy – Aqua Floral


Smart Bottoms 3.1 All-in-One – Aqua Floral pattern.

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Smart Bottoms is a US cloth diaper brand, producing high quality, organic reusable cloth nappies.

Product Specifications

    • Design: Aqua Floral.
    • Lined with 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
    • Offering 10 super absorbent layers.
    • All-in-One design makes diaper changes quick and easy.
    • Patent-pending design allows for quick dry time.
    • Wide elastic around the legs decreases chance for red marks and prevents leaks.
    • Inner: 100% Organic Cotton.
    • Outer: 100% PUL.

Care Guide

  • Prep your nappy before first use by washing 6-8 times. Test the absorbency by pouring water onto the dry diaper; it should absorb instantly. If it does not, wash a couple more times and try again. The number of washes required to properly prep the cloth diaper depends on the type of washer and detergent, as well as the hardness of the water.
  • Wash and dry warm.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
Sizing Guide

Smart Bottoms’ Organic, One Size, All-in-One cloth diaper fits most babies 10-35 lbs.

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We recommend Smart Bottoms 3.1 All-in-One nappy if you’re looking for an easy-to-use nappy with super built-in absorbency. The attached insert can be folded to customise where your child needs the most absorbency.

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